Optical Physicist

  • Palo Alto, United States

Optical Physicist

Job description


Fathom is building an optical computer that replaces electricity in processors with light allowing super-parallel operations. Our brain-scale optical processors will allow us to train vast neural networks with unprecedented performance.


We require experienced optical and laser physicists to help with the research and development for the future of machine learning hardware.


  • Use your technical skills and deep knowledge of physics to bring a physical understanding and first principles problem-solving approach to varied challenges
  • Think creatively and work closely with our interdisciplinary team which comprises experts in machine learning, laser science, optical engineering, semiconductor fabrication and electronics
  • Conceive, design, simulate, specify and implement optical devices and subsystems
  • Working closely with the laboratory team, interpret and reconcile empirical data with first-principles analytical and/or numerical simulations


  • Extremely broad and deep background in optics and physics
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Worked on a large variety of projects
  • Solid understanding of optical systems, coherence, laser and non-laser sources
  • Fluent in at least one programming languageĀ (Python preferred)